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2Km, 3 Locations Art Project with the Collective Producers

Sat 19 September - Sat 31 October, 10:59am

Why not draw or paint a map of three inspiring locations within your local area & be part of our 2km 3 Locations project.

How to take part: 

The project is open to all ages. You can take part in one stage, two stages or all three stages of the project. The second stage is now happening and you can email your submission to collectiveproducers2019@gmail.com or tag us with #TheDockArts  #2kmDockArt so we can see your art and include it on our website/social media. 

Updates on the project, the different stages of the project and how to take part will be posted on the Docks website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as work progresses during the project.  

Overview of the different stages of the project:
2Km, 3 Locations Art Project with Collective Producers

Stage one:  Working with artist David Smith you are invited to create a map. Look closely at your own area and define a 2km radius around your home. Explore this area by walking, cycling, driving or paragliding and identify 2 or 3 locations of particular interest to you. Your response to these personal locations can be by numerous methods, sketching, drawing, painting, writing, dictation, sound recording, video etc. Explore, be curious, investigate and have fun. 

Stage Two: With artist Anna Leask, through the discovery and examination of what was sent in for David Smith 2km ratio project, Anna will look at lighting, composition, framing and other elements of photography through our smart devices to enhance the world through your eyes and how we engage with our home/work environments.  

Stage Three: Open for Submissions now. In the third stage, artist Wayne O' Connor and the CP members will create a storyline and imagined world inspired by work in the earlier stages. The various imagery, sounds and drawings of all stages of the project will act as a stimulus to create the world and storyline. Selected work created will be posted as a unique shifting narrative that will unfold online with options that allow readers to interact and actively direct the storys outcome.

About The Project 2Km, 3 Locations Art Project with Collective Producers is a new three-stage project that has been developed to open the project to a wider audience at this time. Open workshops/ projects/ tasks will be posted on The Docks online social media platforms for young people and adults to take part in. This involves the investigation of our 2km ratios for exercise, home settings and how we engage together at this time. The response from the public will drive the development of the project and what areas, subject and interests will be created. Collective Producers project is in its second year and as part of its aim, the group and artists are looking at how social interaction online can be used to develop a wider understanding of visual culture, locally and nationally by developing a project online called 2Km, 3 Locations Art Project.

The Collective Producers is designed to help young people aged 14-19 years develop skills that connect them to their place and community, supported under Creative Ireland Open Call Programme through Leitrim County Council. The project is led by artists David Smith, Anna Leask, Wayne O Connor and Laura Mahon, Visual Arts & Education Manager at The Dock.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the project please email us : collectiveproducers2019@gmail.com 

Featured map by artist David Smith