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Bandit Films at 30 - Films from a Local World

Fri 8 May - Tue 30 June, 8:07am

Bandit Films, in association with The Dock, presents a series of films dealing with diverse aspects of life and culture in the border county.

Bandit Films was set up by Johnny Gogan in Dublin in 1990 to make the award-winning short film Stephen. Over the past thirty years it has been the development and production vehicle for his documentary and fiction work and a range of other distribution and exhibition ventures. In 1997, he moved to Leitrim in the Irish North West and Bandit Films soon followed.

Currently in production with the feature documentary On The Crew of the Mayflower which concluded filming in New York and Pennsylvania just before the Lockdown, Johnny and the team at The Dock decided that the current hiatus in production was a brilliant opportunity to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Bandit Film by making a selection of the Company’s Leitrim themed work relating to the County and the surrounding region available here through The Dock's website. 

We have identified 6 films - a concert film, a short film, three made for tv documentaries and one of Johnny’s seven feature films - that have a particular relevance to Leitrim and the surrounding area and from Friday 8th to Tuesday 18th May you will have free and unfettered access to watch all six selected films at your leisure. 

The selected films, while relating to Leitrim and the surrounding region, cover a broad range of topics and subjects ranging from traditional music, architecture, building, immigration, emigration, energy production on the Shannon right up to what it means to be a young woman in a male-dominated car scene.

To start watching just click the links below. Happy viewing.

The Leitrim Equation A concert film in which Dónal Lunny collaborates with some of Leitrim’s finest artists in anexploration of the county’s rich traditional music legacy. Watch it here

Homeland Leitrim now has one fifth of the population it had on the eve of the Great Famine. This film deals with the county’s unique history of emigration side by side with the less well known and more recent story of inward migration. Watch it here

Building on the Edge is a short documentary profile of Leitrim based architect Peter Cowman and his unique tutoring of people through the design and build of their own homes. Made in 2006 at the height of the Irish property boom Peter’s approach proved visionary. Watch it here

Astray Séamus Heaney’s translation of the medieval tale of Sweeney Astray provides the narrative hook for this short promotional film about the landscape and the artistic life of our neighbouring county of Sligo. Watch it here

Generate the State is a film for this time of national crisis. Close to bankruptcy from the cost of the Irish War of Independence and Civil War the new state embarked in 1923 on the Shannon Scheme and the revolutionizing of power generation and of Irish society. Watch it here

Black Ice A feature drama setin the world of boy and girl racers, Jane McGrath and Killian Scott lead. Watch it here

It’s a good time to stop and take stock of the steady output of work achieved by Bandit Films over the last 30 years, a strand of it inspired by the county in which Johnny Gogan made his home in 1997. The inspiration continues: Johnny and the company are currently in production with a new feature documentary film On The Crew of the Mayflower– the story of a grassroots movement which started in Drumshanbo’s legendary ballroom in May 2011 and which ended in the Dáil six years later with a major change in the law on oil and gas exploration.