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with Nollaig Molloy: 3D Line & Shadow Drawing workshop

Sat 12 October, 11:00am

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Workshop for 9 -14 Years old 11am to 12.30pm

Using a variety of found and everyday materials, the workshop will explore ideas in Maud Cotter’s upcoming solo exhibition, in a consequence of – a breather of air. You will examine variety of materials which are solid, hollow, translucent, and structured. Creating collectively temporary large scale 3D line drawing and discovering the importance of drawing as a starting point but also as a center point in the process of making.

The sculptural piece will cast shadows and lead to further drawing experiments both simple, complex in shape and line.

Nollaig Molloy is a visual artist based between Belfast and Roscommon. 

She is currently studying a Masters of Fine Art in Ulster University, Belfast, working in a variety of mediums through sculptural installation, video and photography. She is interested in the process of making, stemming from the question, ‘How is it made?’ Sometimes incorporating craft-based techniques; her work can bring together contemporary ideas of material value with traditional forms of making.