Upcoming Events

Culture Night at The Dock

Fri 20 September, 5:00pm

Admission free

Culture is catching in venues and public spaces across the island of Ireland as they open their doors to host a programme of free late-night entertainment, as part of an all-island celebration of arts, heritage and culture. 

The Dock would like to invite you to partake of a delicious selection of cultural treats!  We will serve a colourful and eclectic mixture of events for all ages. We welcome everyone to come along and dip into a selection of fun and interactive activities. These will include making your own painting, using your smartphone to make great images, Collective Sculpture Installation, Gallery Tours, theatre, film screenings, rehearsed readings, music and more. All free from 4pm til late so do drop in.

Creative Eye Phone Workshop with  Anna Leask

Do you only use the Auto setting and struggle with the manual settings on your smartphone camera? Anna's workshop will help amateur and budding photographers get the most out of your smart device's camera settings and she will teach you the basic language in editing apps to help upskill your photography. 

Collective Sculpture Installation with Vanya Lambrecht Ward

Inspired by the work of Maud Cotter, you will assemble with visual artist and designer Vanya Lambrecht Ward a unique sculpture. With simple shapes and techniques we hope to create an impressive and exciting structure made by many for all!

Musical performance

Featuring Rhona Trench (Silver flute), Carole Coleman (Irish flute), Edel Rowley (Silver Flute), Alla Crosbie, (Piano/singer) Enda Stenson (Bodhrán)

Creative Counties Presentation

Creative Counties is a network of six venues, in Leitrim, Longford, Sligo and Roscommon who are developing a programme of three exchange projects. Join us to find out more about this exciting cooperative project that seeks to highlight and further enrich the cultural heritage of the region.

Gallery Tours

What to know more about our current exhibition ‘ a consequence of – a breather’

Maud Cotter! This is the second iteration of a body of work by Maud that has developed through three venues: Limerick City Gallery of Art - 2018, The Dock - 2019, and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane – 2020.

A Quack Too Far Short Film Screening and Q&A

A fox settles down to sleep for the day, listening to the beautiful birdsong in the forest. However a noisy duck moves in next door and won’t shut up. What does the fox have to do to get some peace?

Melissa Culhane (formerly Doran) is an Irish illustrator and animator from Leitrim. She is best known for illustrating the best selling wildlife books Naturama and My Naturama Nature Journal. A Quack Too Far is her debut animation short.

The Arignaramus – rehearsed reading

"The Arignaramus is a one man show written by Wayne Denniston and starring Conor Lambert.  Note: Adults only, Ticketed event, Duration 50 mins