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David Smith: Drawing Fundamentals Course

14th, 21st Sept,12th, 26th Oct,
9th, 16th Nov, 7th 14th Dec
11-4pm each day

A comprehensive introductory course, to the essentials of observational drawing with artist David Smith

Introduced in 5 distinct sections that build upon each other to give the participant a solid foundation in drawing from direct observation. Some of the many topics and skills covered include; measurement & proportion, sighting and triangulation, the picture plane, ellipses and linear perspective, contour and cross contour, line quality and tempo, notan value drawing, parts of light and shadow. This course will be focused on acquiring technical proficiency and the development of perceptual skills.

1. Measurement & Proportion
 - This first section deals with the basics of sighting, measuring and proportion. Using simple geometric forms to help the participant accurately understand their basic proportions, relationships and orientation in space. Points covered include; the picture plane, plumb lines, ellipse, scale, guidelines.
Graphite and cartridge paper

2. Linear Perspective - The basics of 1, 2, 3 and multiple point perspective are explored to help the participant accurately depict forms and spaces that recede from view. Points covered include, horizon lines, vanishing points, guidelines and multiple perspective points within a single image.
Graphite and cartridge paper

3. Line Quailty - Line weight, tempo, flow and quality are the focus in this section. Building a sense of quality and confidence into the contour lines that describe the edge of a plane or form. You will also investigate cross contour drawing on organic forms, to further describe the physical terrain of a more complex form or object.
Graphite and cartridge paper

4. Light part 1
 - The section introduces how light falls and interacts with forms and spaces. Starting with Notan drawing and separating the shadow area from the light to create a light/dark map of the subject. This is further developed into 3 value drawings to give a more complete sense of form.
Willow and compressed charcoal on cartridge paper

5. Light part 2
 - The parts of light are explored here such as center light, highlight, terminator, core shadow and reflected light. These are used to identify how light falls on and describes the form and surface qualities of a subject. This is further developed by analysing the parts of a cast shadow, such as umbra, penumbra and antumbra.
Willow and compressed charcoal on cartridge paper 

David Smith is an artist based in Sligo. He has exhibited in group and solo shows in Ireland, Europe, The US and Hong Kong. He has lectured at a number of art colleges including recently at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Hong Kong.