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Drawing Fundamentals Course 2 with artist David Smith

Jan 11th,18th, Feb 8th, 22nd , March 7th, 21st , April 11th & 18th
11-4pm each day

A comprehensive introductory course, to the essentials of observational drawing with artist David Smith

A comprehensive introduction course to the essentials of observational drawing. This course builds on the first part of “Drawing fundamentals” which focused on black & white media and structure. The focus here is on observing more complex lighting situations and how light falls on and describes a range of complex forms through still life and urban/landscape studies. Colour theory and mixing is then introduced to help the participant achieve more convincingly rendered forms and spaces. Visual references will be made with the Tommy Weir exhibition on view at the Dock in relation to tonal values and visual mood. We will also have a gallery discussion in relation to artists work, content and the influence of drawing across many visual media. Suitable for beginners or those who have some drawing experience. 

LIGHT ON FORM: This first part moves directly on from ‘light’ in the previous section. Here, a mixture of organic and manmade objects are used to explore in more detail how BW media can describe complex lighting situations like direct light, diffuse light, reflected light and more in-depth look at the parts of light and shadow. (1 day)

LIGHT IN SPACE: Lighting effects in larger spaces, such as indoor/outdoor urban environments and larger landscapes are the focus here. Explore how tonal value can create mood and atmosphere in BW drawing. (1 day)

COLOUR THEORY 1: An introduction to basic colour theory. This will include RGB, CMYK and subtractive methods in paint and coloured mixing media. Discover how the science of colour applies to making drawings. (2 days)

COLOUR THEORY 2: Developing and layering colour on organic objects like fruit and plants, contrasted against metallic and matte man made objects. Using compositional tips and design to push and pull the convincing illusion of form and space and focus the viewer’s attention. (2 days)

COLOUR APPLIED: The final section will work with participant’s choice of subject, with guidance on developing an individual approach both technically and in terms of drawing content and subject. A larger scale, final drawing will be produced that consolidates all the skills learned. (2 days)

MATERIALS: Black & White charcoal media is fine for the first couple of classes, Charcoal pencils, Willow charcoal,Retractable blade, Erasers (plastic and soft putty), Kitchen or blue roll

Advice and demos will then be given ahead of time on further materials in relation to colour media, brushes and tools.

David Smith is an artist based in Sligo. He has exhibited in group and solo shows in Ireland, Europe, The US and Hong Kong. He has lectured at a number of art colleges including recently at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Hong Kong.