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Exhibition Opening & Talk. Jeff Gibbons & Alan Phelan

Saturday 16th November at 2:00pm

An exhibition preview, performance and talk.

Artists talk with Jeff Gibbons, Curator Jo Melvin and Alan Phelan. Followed by a performance by Jeff Gibbons

NowHere Factual Nonsense
Jeff Gibbons

Curated by Jo Melvin
Jeff Gibbons’ paintings are like a form of visual syntax with a linguistic twist. He includes phrases culled from lyrics, art terms and sayings. Although conceptually driven they are very accessible, and funny. The handling of paint shows an engagement with paint’s material qualities and dichotomies between figuration and abstraction. His use of paint incorporates subtle, at times blatant word play, underscored by humour. Gibbons combines familiar expressions with everyday objects like cups, glasses, bottles, tables, flowers and birds.
These are paintings to be seen as well as read. His use of paint sometimes directly echoes the subtle, deadpan humour of the expressions embedded in the work. Literary rather than literally by association, the titles describe a way of working and thinking through painting. This exhibition shows recent work alongside work made some twenty years ago.  The installation will reflect Gibbons’ thinking that the space of paintings is part of an indefinable present, representing some of the complexities of his day-to-day experience in paint.
Jeff Gibbons work is in collections in the UK, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and the USA.
He lives and works in London and Norfolk, England. Winner in the John Moores Awards 1995, Liverpool and The NatWest Art Prize, 1997 and 1998.

Red Lines
Alan Phelan
Alan Phelan has been working for the past three years on reviving the Joly Screen process, a forgotten colour photography process invented in the 1890s in Dublin by John Joly, a physics professor from Trinity College. This exhibition marks the first major exhibition of this new body of work. The photographs are small 4x5 sheet film screens .The screen is made up of red, green and blue stripes which Phelan then engages as installation devices on walls and windows to reference the process and a wider art history of installation. The small images have the intensity of painted miniatures, illuminated by LED panels, slowing down the viewing of a photograph as well as allowing for a unique colour shift that happens on display.
The images have nostalgic feel given muted colours and the content of this selection of work which reference historic flower paintings made in collaboration with Dunboyne Flower and Garden Club.
Alan Phelan and Dunboyne Flower and Garden Club were recipients of Meath County Council Cultural Services Creative Award 2019. This award is supported by the Meath County Council Creative Ireland Programme.
Alan Phelan studied at DCU, Dublin and RIT, New York. NCAD School of Fine Art Artist in Residence for 2019-20.
Recent projects include Our Kind, a work about Roger Casement, commissioned by Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane for 2016/1916

Exhibitions continues until 4th January 2020 
Image credit: Blooming, 2018, Jeff Gibbons. Flowers, 2019, Alan Phelan