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Cecilia Danell Exhibition Free Preview Gig: Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon, A Lilac Decline and Loner Deluxe

Fri 2 June
Exhibition preview 6pm
Music event 8:30pm

Cecilia Danell Exhibition Preview Gig

The preview of The Last Wilderness, an exhibition of paintings, film and installation by Cecilia Danell takes place at 6pm, followed at 8.30pm by an evening of music by Danell aka A Lilac Decline, and her fellow musicians Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon and Loner Deluxe. 

A Lilac Decline

A Lilac Decline's dreamfolk is haunted by owls and warmed by cracking cabin fireplaces which lends the album a rustic, handmade aesthetic. On a couple of tracks waves of melody emerge from the fog of homemade shoegaze haze to bestow an ethereal aura upon this wood-wandering forest folk music.

The Mountain Rages is an atmospheric suite of intuitive folk music recorded with a brace of traditional instruments, field recordings, wine glasses, shortwave radios etc. for a intimate and individual DIY sound. You feel that Danell is singing right to you, right in your ears. Occasionally bursts of noise appear to disrupt the folky flow but it all kind of works. Really gorgeous stuff and highly recommended. - Norman Records

"the music having a ghostly, hazy beauty that is hypnotic and easy to get lost in...." - Terrascope

A beautiful album of gentle, lyrical, yet intensely personal, folk-influenced songs. - Galway Advertiser

“...dream-pop-inflected folk...Heartening, rootsy folk with traces of shoegazing and DIY ingenue throughout. - You May Like This (

Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon

A duo comprising songwriter Aaron Hurley and composer/multi-instrumentalist Scott McLaughlin, Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon have just released their third album The Statue of The Hunter is Lost at Sea.Shindig Magazine had to invent a new genre to describe their previous album - they called it "Folk-Gaze". The duo also contributed to the soundtrack to Tom Flanagan and Megs Morley's feature length experimental documentary "Aughty" and played at the launch of the 2012 Tulca festival in Galway to mark the release of the film.

“Something in the way that folk songs become swathed in wisps of shoegaze and abstract drones is mysterious and ineffable. It’s special stuff!” - Norman Records

Minimal, yet dense in terms of themes and atmosphere, with newfound strokes of ambience and psychedelia leading it all forward. - You May Like This (

Loner Deluxe

Left-field experimental musician Loner Deluxe delves deep into extraterrestrial grooves, sonic space, and 'UFOlk'. Recording cosmic electronica with a human touch, Loner Deluxe has been featured twice on the compilation series “An Taobh Tuathail” compiled by taste-making broadcaster Cian Ó Cíobháin of RTE RnaG. An album "Songs I Taped Off The Radio" will be released in July 2017 on Rusted Rail.

All 3 acts are signed to the micro-independent Galway label Rusted Rail

Presented in collaboration with Galway Arts Centre