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Film Screening and Talk Celebrating Bealtaine

Fri 10 May 6.30pm

Admission free

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Film Screening and Talk celebrating Bealtaine.


The Key was Always in the Door - A Film Poem

As part of the Bealtaine Festival there will be a talk about Collette Nolan, a Cork - based visual artist, about her collaborative film project with poet Gerry Murphy. This project was developed with members of the Ballyphehane / Togher community. This film commission questions the idea around hospitality, home and the practice of "hosting" or being "hosted".



A poetry film commission between Age & Opportunity / BEALTAINE in partnership with Poetry Ireland. A visual artist and a poet came together to develop a short film poem working with a community group in response to the festival theme hospitality, hosting and welcome.


Break: Coffee and Teas


Film: Sweet Bean

Japanese with Subtitles

Through low- key in style, Sweet Bean is a beautifully performed pleasure, gentle, compassionate, and ultimately moving. The narrative follows a middle aged, unassuming baker with a past who works alone in an almost comically dingy café restaurant in urban Japan. Sentaro goes about his days listlessly serving Doriyaki (a kind of pancake) to the same set of customers, most of them gossipy, lunching schoolgirls. That is until a cheerily optimistic 76 year old woman named Tokue arrives asking for a part time job. A film about hte simple pleasures in life.


This is a free event but you must book your tickets in advance.