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Young Emerging Artists Residency: Live Stream

Wed 14 October - Sat 31 October, 8:00pm

Admission free

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Film Premiere. Produced as part of our Young Emerging Artists Residency

Written by Vinny McBrien

Starring Dylan McGloin, (Glenade), Mia Blake (Leitrim Village), Ivan Crosby, (Carrick-on-Shannon). Musical score by Mick Blake.

Vinny wrote these monologues for three characters. Kane (Dylan McGloin) is stern and angry with what we have allowed happen to our world, while Jess (Mia Blake) is an upbeat and fast paced blogger, trying not to let the haters get to her. Ethan(Ivan Crosby) is not afraid to tell the world about where its all going wrong.

These three actors were completing first year performing arts at Sligo IT during the making of this film.

Artist in Residence

Mary Blake - Young Emerging Artists
Mary Blake - Young Emerging Artists

This residency is based on the idea of facilitating collaborations between talented young artists.

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