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In association with Rising Tide: NADJA

Wed 24 October, 8:30pm

In association with Rising Tide we are delighted to present NADJA

Nadja (Toronto / Berlin)
Nadja is a duo of multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and bassist Leah Buckareff active since 2005 and credited as one of the progenitors of the genres 'drone doom' or 'metalgaze'—heavy atmospheric music which combines the darkness and volume of doom metal and industrial with the textures and melodicism of shoegaze and ambient/electronic music.

The project has released numerous albums on many different underground labels—Alien8 Recordings, Daymare Records, Robotic Empire, Hydrahead Records, Gizeh Records, and Important Records, to name a few—and have toured extensively with performances in Europe, Japan, Russia, Australia/New Zealand, and North and South America, including appearances at such festivals as SXSW, FIMAV, Roadburn, Le Guess Who, Incubate, and Unsound. Originally from Toronto, Canada, the duo now resides in Berlin, Germany.

"Vast fall-of-empires soundscapes of eternal beauty...sounding like a cross between the very end of every great Goth album (the dying embers of Fields of the Nephilim’s Elyzium springs immediately to mind), the very end of every great post-punk album (Joy Division’s Closer...), simultaneously summoning up spectral armies of long dead ancestors and drawing down the still-to-be-born future generations, intrigued by all the commotion being kicked up down here by this North American husband-and-wife duo." - Julian Cope, Head Heritage