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Oil Painting Masterclass with Ann Quinn

Sat 27 & 28 April 11am - 4pm

Ann Quinn's oil painting masterclasses are hugely popular and suitable for adults of all levels of skill. Through demonstrations, Ann will cover many different painting techniques and ways to use artist mediums - getting outside the traditional method of only painting with a brush.  Ann uses her own photographs as preparatory sketches and references, which bring enhanced clarity to what she sees and paints. This weekend focuses on how photography can be used as a source for developing memory and imagination. Participants should bring photographs that are meaningful to them as a starting point to create their own personal painting. 

Participants are invited to bring a variety of different surfaces to work on, such as primed board/canvas and also work over old paintings. 

Also bring all the oil colours they have, including the primary colours. Other recommended colours: magenta, lemon yellow; cyan blue/cobalt blue; indigo or prussian blue; deep crimson or alizarin crimson, burnt/raw umber, ultramarine, titanium white, zinc white, cadmium red, naples yellow, raw sienna, sap green. 

A selection of paintbrushes, old rags, kitchen roll, and moist hand wipes.

Mediums such as sansodor, refined linseed oil, stand oil or liquin, sansador, ‘zest it’, odourless mineral spirits, or 'oil painting medium’. Because the art room is used by so many different groups we encourage our artists not to use white spirits or turpentine. Odourless mineral spirits are easily available from most good art suppliers.