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Sacred Harp Singing Workshop

Cath & Phil Tyler: Sacred Harp Singing Workshop

Sat 30 July, 2:00pm

This is a must for fans of choral and group singing!

Folk musicians Cath & Phil Tyler hosted a workshop of Sacred Harp Singing. Originating in the southern states of the USA, the name is derived from The Sacred Harp, a ubiquitous and historically important tunebook printed in shapenotes. The work was published in 1844 and has reapperaed in multiples editions ever since. Sacred Harp Music represents one branch of an older tradition of American music that has developed over the period 1770 to 1820. Shape Note Singing has been described as 'uplifting' and 'ecstatic'. Being able to read music was not necessary for this workshop as you will be taught to read shape notes from books provided In fact, previous singing experience was not necessary either as the whole premise of Sacred Harp Singing was to provide an open and inclusive atmosphere.