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Screening of Quatermass (1979), four part TV series

Saturday 9th May 9:00pm
Booking in advance is advised

Admission free

TULCA Festival of Visual Art, Galway 2020 and The Dock present in association with the exhibition Threads, Austin Ivers

Screening of Quatermass (1979), four-part TV series.

John Mills brings a stoic intensity to the role of Professor Bernard Quatermass in this key piece of British dystopian fiction from visionary writer Nigel Kneale. Unsettling in its portrayal of a crumbling society under alien attack, Quatermass is stylishly directed by BAFTA winner Piers Haggard.

Bernard Quatermass, former head of the British Rocket Group, lives in seclusion in western Scotland, watching in appalled silence as Britain slowly turns into a vision of violence, gang rule and governmental collapse. A desperate search for his missing granddaughter plunges him into a terrifying situation when he comes to realise that the mass disappearance of thousands of youths is nothing less than the culling of the human species by an unknown alien intelligence...

Director Nigel Haggard

Quatermass wasn’t just the BBC’s earliest televised sci-fi, it was also one of its richest, giving the audience mystery with a dash of zombie threat. Quatermass remains a benchmark of teatime sci-fi, a show whose wobbly sets and shouted lines somehow couldn’t spoil some of the most intelligent scares ever to grace the screen - The Guardian 

Age 15+. 

Booking in advance is advised