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Patrick Hall in his Sligo studio

Speaking of Which: Patrick Hall and Isabel Nolan

25th May 2.00pm

Artists Talk Patrick Hall and Isabel Nolan

Speaking of Which is a series of talks at The Dock between artists, researchers, curators, policy makers and philosophers. Informal and informative they bring artists and thinkers together.

Patrick Hall has been hugely influential on generations of younger Irish artists. Throughout his life he has traveled extensively, however his most adventurous and rewarding journey has been an interior one, testing the parameters of the human psyche and the imagination. He has experimented with choreography and contemporary dance in relation with drawing and painting. The paradox and enigma are  at the heart of his work. Hall returned to Ireland on the 70's and began exhibiting with the Independent Artists Group, a loose association of artists that also included painters such as Brian Maguire and Patrick Graham. Hall’s work is widely regarded as fundamental to the return to painting in this country in the 1970s and ‘80s. He has been an influential figure in the careers of many younger generation artists, including Nick Miller and Isabel Nolan. 

Isabel Nolan’s cerebral sculptures, wall hangings, paintings, and works on paper are intensive examinations of literary and historical texts, cosmological, botanical, and biological phenomena, or reworkings of historical works of art. Nolan expresses a mode of human inquiry into balance and order.  In unison these works give form to a quasi-scholarly inquiry into the fundamental question of how the world is made meaningful. Contrasting means of representing or examining reality (cosmological, literary, spiritual, scientific) and of comprehending its infinitely various components provide divergent points of departure for Nolan as she attempts to somehow account for the enduring strangeness of the world, even in its most intimately familiar forms.


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