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The Dock Visual Art Commission Austin Ivers

Sat 19 September - Wed 30 September, 10:54am

The Dock Visual Art Commission

Austin Ivers is an artist and educator. Currently lecturing in Contemporary Art at GMIT. He has also been a visiting Lecturer at LSAD, Burren College of art And the Huston School at NUIG. He has exhibited widely throughout Ireland (including the RHA, 126, Live 8), Europe (Graz, Kiev, Friedrichshafen) and the USA (Philadelphia) and has had writing published in the VAI Printed Project and Enclave Papers. He is currently working towards solo shows in 2020 and 2021

About Austin's Commission 

Austin Ivers’ upcoming exhibition at The Dock ‘Threads’ considers the aesthetics of the Cold War, the promise and disappointment of technology and cultural representations of the end of the world. One element of this show addresses the optimism of the period when progress into space was seen as a project “for all mankind”. This optimism found many expressions, including “The Race into Space”, a set of cards given away with Brooke Bond tea in 1970. These cards not only documented human exploration in space to date but also described anticipated missions as if they had already happened, thus placing the audience in a promising and harmonious future which ultimately never transpired.  Here, the cards have been scanned, processed, printed to 35mm positive film and presented in sequence on a Bell & Howell Ringmaster 11 Slide Viewer.  This and other works will be presented on The Dock Website.

About this commission

The Dock team was looking forward to working with a number of visual artists this year. As a result of the current circumstances, there is a break in our gallery programme. This means that the visual artists we were to work with are now without the opportunity to exhibit. The team here think long and hard about what and who we programme in the galleries, so have decided to invite the artists who are part of the 2020 programme to submit an idea and approach to developing their work during this Covid-19 lockdown. The Dock has framed this as a small commission, to offer the artists encouragement to keep making work and to continue their connection with us and with you the audience. 

We will keep updating this page with images and news and will be posting regularly on our social media channels as work progresses over the next three months.