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The Dock Visual Art Commissions, Jamie Cross

Sun 10 May - Fri 31 July, 9:27pm

The Dock Visual Art Commissions

About Jamie Cross 

Jamie Cross, is currently studying on an MA in Art + Research Collaboration at IADT Dun Laoghaire. He has an upcoming exhibition with The Dock Arts Centre in Carrick-On-Shannon in 2020. In October 2019 he featured in the RDS Visual Arts Award 2019, curated by Janet Mullarney and David Quinn and was awarded joint winner of the R.C. Lewis Crosby Award. He was also shortlisted for the Ormond Art Studios Graduate Award 2019 which gave him the opportunity to be part of an evening of talks hosted by Ormond Art Studios in September 2019. He recently completed a BA(Hons) in Art from IADT where he was awarded the 2019 IADT Graduate Student Art Award for an emerging artist of note, sponsored by the Dock Arts Centre in Carrick-On-Shannon,  Co. Leitrim. 

Jamie’s artistic approach tends to reflect an answer to a question or proposition.  When does a space begin? Do you have to experience a space in order to fully understand it?  What is on the inside? He is motivated by the need to answer such questions and portray the answers through his work. Technological devices such as laptops and endoscopic/360° cameras are his preferred medium for realising and showcasing his work.  His main research tool is his Android mobile phone which he uses for photographing, recording footage, capturing sounds and GPS tracking.  He takes inspiration from every-day things such as mid-point architecture, household objects or random YouTube videos.

About Jamie's commission 

Jamie intends to use this commission to continue exploring current themes in his practice and to develop and test new ways of showing this in his work.   Jamie's present work focuses on uninhabitable and disused spaces, such as the micro internal space of objects in an urban apartment, or the space created by deforested woodland.  The idea behind his current practice partly stems from a recent visit to his childhood home in Cavan and the revelation that the forest behind his house had been cut down.  Jamie was intrigued by how this intricate maze-like space which had blocked the view and light throughout his childhood had suddenly become open otherworld-like space.

Jamie has already collated digital documentation of open forestry spaces and the interior of disused mines and caves.  His aim for this commission is to dissect and analyse this content in order to create a digital product which can be shared online via video/3D tours.  It will give the viewer the opportunity to visit these unique spaces as though in ‘real-life’ but from the confines of their own home.  The digital aspect of his work would be displayed online in the short term with the prospect that the finished work could form a sculpture-type work for future gallery display.   Jamies plan is to create 3-4 short video clips/3D tours of both macro and micro uninhabitable and disused spaces.  He proposes issuing approximately one video clip per month starting mid-April and finishing mid-July. 

About this commission

The Dock team was looking forward to working with a number of visual artists this year. As a result of the current circumstances, there is a break in our gallery programme. This means that the visual artists we were to work with are now without the opportunity to exhibit. The team here think long and hard about what and who we programme in the galleries, so have decided to invite the artists who are part of the 2020 programme to submit an idea and approach to developing their work during this Covid-19 lockdown. The Dock has framed this as a small commission, to offer the artists encouragement to keep making work and to continue their connection with us and with you the audience. 

We will keep updating this page with images and news and will be posting regularly on our social media channels as work progresses over the next three months.