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Commissioned artist Ellen Duffy and collaborator Kate MurphyCommissioned artist Ellen Duffy and collaborator Kate MurphyEllen Duffy CommissionEllen Duffy CommissionKate Murphy Dock CommissionsUntitled Assemblage Ellen DuffyPrinciples of Site Kate Murphy

The Dock Visual Art Commissions, Ellen Duffy and collaborator Kate Murphy

Sat 19 September - Wed 30 September, 10:56am

Ellen Duffy and collaborator Kate Murphy

About Ellen Duffy and collaborator Kate Murphy 
Ellen Duffy lives and works in Dublin. She attended the Technological University of Dublin where she received her BA (Hons) Fine Art. She was shortlisted for the RDS Visual Art Awards in 2019, curated by Janet Mullarney and David Quinn. Ellen is the recipient of the RHA Graduate Studio award and bursary 2019-2020. 

Kate Murphy is a visual artist based in Kildare and Dublin. Recently graduated with a BA (Hons)Fine Art degree from Technological University Dublin, Kate received the Graduate Residency & Bursary Award in Sculpture in Fire Station Artists Studio in 2019. 

Ellen's work sits somewhere between expanded painting, assemblage and installation. It is rooted in the idea that objects/things give power to one another by the role they play in the assemblage. Her haptic way of making is driven by curiosity, doubt and a determination to figure out possibilities and how to push beyond them. She utilises found/discarded materials, such as; steel, foam, packaging materials, and through her haptic process creates a dialogue between them resulting in playfully provisional installations. The relationships between the objects in her installations are activated through an associative process i.e, colour or repeated structures. Physically, these objects contained in a given installation disassemble and reassemble and exist in a perpetually changing state, creating infinite networks. In addition to the conversations that occur among the network of objects contained within the work, it is also reliant on the space it occupies. ​Her work speaks of the inter-reliance between the objects and their interaction within a space and the viewer. 

Kate’s practice is sculptural and deals with the construction of an installation through a number of different sculptural elements and interventions. The themes and concept of the work focus on how humans use, construct, de-construct and divide space. The systems in place that allow us to mould space and the physical properties of the materials associated with and integral to constructing ‘site’ or ‘place’. Kate’s installations reference systems of making in many forms, elements of architecture, design, engineering and sculpture, marrying these together when installing the work. This is done through a significant inter-reliance between all the materials structurally & spatially. This site-responsive practice also intends to reveal new possibilities within the materials and the space they inhabit and often highlights a certain in-between-ness that occurs between materiality.   

About Ellen and Kate's Commission 

This collaborative work aims to merge both Ellen and Kates practices and make work that reacts to the work of the other artist. The thematics of both artists work to deal with the inter-reliance between the objects and the space they reside in. Both practices focus on the truth to material and process which manifest physically in very different ways. Ellen is planning a week-long collaborative work that will be made and installed in her studio at the RHA in mid-June. This will culminate in an open studio, however, if this is not possible due to COVID-19  they will also be filming and photographing the process.  As the situation we are in now leaves the artists unable to meet physically, Ellen and Kate are proposing to create a series of collaborative works on paper that will be completed via post. The works on paper and sculptural work act to inform one another loosely and don’t act as direct guidelines. They play with form, texture and colour. Whereas, Kate’s process uses a systematic approach. Her drawings are, for the most part, technical drawings that depict reductive shapes that have the potential to become sculptural objects. Ellen's interest lies in how these different practices may overlap with one another and the importance of maintaining a dialogue of making and collaboration through this isolating time. 

About this commission

The Dock team was looking forward to working with a number of visual artists this year. As a result of the current circumstances, there is a break in our gallery programme. This means that the visual artists we were to work with are now without the opportunity to exhibit. The team here think long and hard about what and who we programme in the galleries, so have decided to invite the artists who are part of the 2020 programme to submit an idea and approach to developing their work during this Covid-19 lockdown. The Dock has framed this as a small commission, to offer the artists encouragement to keep making work and to continue their connection with us and with you the audience. 

We will keep updating this page with images and news and will be posting regularly on our social media channels as work progresses over the next three months.