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About Neva Elliott

Neva Elliott is a graduate of Central Saint Martin’s, London and DLIADT. She has exhibited  throughout Ireland and internationally showing at VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art in Carlow, Limerick City Gallery of Art, the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, The National Gallery of Ireland and The South African National Gallery. She represented Ireland at the International Artist’s Residency in Argentina (RIAA, Residencia Internacional de Artistas en Argentina) and has been in residency at the West Cork Arts Centre and Limerick City Gallery of Art. Elliott also writes and speaks on creative arts practice.

Elliott creates work derived through expressing something of the artist as observer and mediator, implicating the audience and transcending specific references to address a contemporary condition or circumstance.  She is particularly interested in how the work relates to an audience through investigating the nature of the encounter, of accumulated experience, knowledge and interface with society, creating various relationships with an audience through documentations of actions, interventions, dialogical provocations, observations and performative workings.

About Neva Elliott’s Commission

Neva is currently working on a body of work around loss, grief and healing.

The work is being realised in photography, text and sound and documentation of performative work. This includes using gesture, personal encounters, ways of doing and modes of being as everyday ‘performance’ while engaging with audiences though personal shared experience and addressing universal human conditions.

For The Dock commission Elliott  will continue with this body of work, and will  expand it working though drawing, photography, text, and performance, creating a series of ‘sketches’ over the period leading to a distillation into plans for new work.

Specifically for the commission, Neva  also intends to create a series of photograph and texts around human connection, intimacy and the everyday which can be disseminated online and directly into her community.