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Splódar Theatre Company: The First Protestant

Fri 18 January, 8:00pm


The First Protestant presents a tense duel between Martin Luther and the shadowy figure of the Analyst, and through it the life and struggles of Luther, the monk who defied the Catholic church with profound repercussions for Christendom. The play probes the far-reaching influence of Luther’s thinking on such leaders as Bismark and Hitler and also finds echoes in current events such as a European banking collapse and threats to global peace.   

For those who enjoy good writing and top class performances this is the show for you.  For those with a love of history and politics and enjoy drawing on the lessons of history to today. And for those who are fascinated about human nature and what makes people tick especially those who that have stood up and continue to stand up to challenge the status quo.   Expect to to be bowled over by a fast flowing intelligent dialogue, Expect to laugh. Expect to enjoy a great nights entertainment!