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The Humours of-Bandon Photo-by George Carter

Fishamble The New Play Company presents: The Humours of Bandon

Sat 3 February, 8:30pm

★★★★★ (Edinburgh Fringe 2017)  This show is a delight.
Written & performed by Margaret McAuliffe. Directed by Stefanie Preissner

On the eve of the Irish Open championship, we meet Annie, a 16 year old Dubliner, as she charts us through the various successes and disappointments of her Irish Dancing life. We share her mind numbing commitment and burning desire to win the Irish Open title. Will she win and, if so, in what way?


★★★★★ (Edinburgh Fringe 2017)  This show is a delight. Storytelling with a tiny bit of dance taking us behind the scenes of the competition world of Irish dancing. Produced by Fishamble, Dublin’s New Writing theatre, which brought the five star Underneath to Edinburgh in2015, The Humours of Bandon is equally knock-out and Margaret McAuliffe, the writer and performer is a star.

Stephanie Green (Read the full review at the link on the right)

THE HUMOURS OF BANDON ★★★★ (Dublin Fringe)
A story about the trials and triumphs of competitive dancing, Margaret McAuliffe’s terrific one woman show is not so much Strictly Ballroom as Strictly Feis. Writer and actor McAuliffe plays a Dublin teenager whose quest to be a champion Irish dancer provides the canvas for a vivid portrait of a world far removed from the showbiz glitz of Riverdance. Amid nicely observed vignettes about the icky toilets, subtle mind games and opaque scoring methods of youthful dance contests, McAuliffe portrays a whole range of vivid supporting characters, while spinning a tale of a young woman finding her feet, so to speak. Under the direction of Stefanie Preissner, both writing and performance are by turns sharp, charming and hilarious, evoking the jealousies and joys of Irish dancing, right down to the final piece of choreography. All round, a champion turn.

Mick Heaney