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Tue 27 February, 10:30am

For Engineers Week


Origami, the ancestral art of paper folding, is at the center of a surprising contemporary revolution. Its use by researchers could lead to a rare biomimetic experiment: to understand and imitate living beings' extraordinary folding capacities.

As part of Engineers week The Dock is presenting this mathematical, artistic,  thinking, design and  engineering orientated  film.

In the last 20 years, the ancient art of folding has gone through a high-speed evolution with an impact in almost every corner of our society.

Mathematicians and computer scientists embraced this field and produced sophisticated, seemingly impossible models like a black forest cuckoo or the Paris cathedral.

These origami enthusiasts discovered that with origami they could fold anything, create any 3D object, providing the sheet of paper was large enough. Looking at these developments, biologists wondered whether origami wouldn’t be in fact an attempt to imitate nature. And indeed, everything that develops and changes in nature is folded: mountains, blossoms, DNA, the brain… Life is an unending series of folding and unfolding. The film will explore how the ancient art of folding paper has entered the cutting-edge domains of research and now could lead the way to the ultimate stage in bionics.