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Nicos Nicolaou: Bending The Rules

Saturday 30th September

A talk about design and its social and cultural meanings

The Radiance of Objects- Bending The Rules 

This talk will focus on do-it-yourself practices as a means of bypassing the authority of design.  It shall examine the methods and processes used by amateur designers and makers to consider these actions social or cultural meanings.

Nicos Nicolaou’s is an artists with three main areas of interest; the biography of objects, the cutting or bisecting of objects and the reconfiguring of these cut-objects.. These objects have values as humans do, in that they occupy our environments and our spaces. The works make reference to the visual language of the everyday world in which we all operate

Part of the Thinking Living Dwelling exhibition:  Presented at The Dock in collaboration with The Green Door Festival

This event is free, please book.

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