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Old Time Radio: The Vengeful Corpse Episode 3

Fri 23 October, 8:00pm

The creepy conclusion of our ghostly drama

The chilling and concluding episode of this dastardly drama as originally performed on CBS on September 12th , 1949.

Complete with ghastly voiced characters, revenge, graves and gruesome goings on. Recommended for those who insist on being scared silly on a dark, lonely evening, curled up in the shadows by the glow of an old radio or smart device scream (sorry) screen.

Old Time Radio are a Sligo based theatre group specializing in the live performance of radio scripts from the Golden age of American radio from the 1930s to the 1950s. The group currently consists of Shona Heffernan, Ultan Burke, Isabel Claffey, Niall Colleary and Kevin Collins and they have been entertaining local audiences for eons with their renditions from the strange, zany and madcap universe of live radio broadcast.

Witness it all come alive this autumn courtesy of the good people at the Dock who have introduced these 20th century types to a thing called the internet!