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Invisible Places Summer Camp, 9 - 14 years

Mon 10 July - Fri 14 July
2:30pm - 4:30pm

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Taking inspiration from the novel Invisible cities by Italo Calvino with artist Vanya Lambrecht Ward

This year’s summer camp will be taking some of its inspiration from the novel Invisible cities by Italo Calvino. These famous tales of travels and (un)imaginable cities will be the starting point for all sorts of exploration.

These discoveries will include mapping and photographing and drawing experiments as well as modeling and building, testing ideas and building machines. Every day we will start with a game to warm up and finish the day with something made, be it small or big, individual and collective, experimental or carefully crafted.

Day one: Memory cities (mapping/ memory) We will start our journey by revisiting some of the places from our memories or stories we have from our travel far away or local .Exploring with paper, collage, building maps and illustrating our stories and places.

Day two: Cities and eyes (perception/ observation/ photos and drawing) Today we will explore how we see things and from different angles. We can use devises and change our perspectives of our place and surroundings. Explore many vantage points in our drawings, experiment with making marks.

Day three: Cities and skies (place and scale/ building and up/down impossible) Scale will be the order of the day, through simple and complex techniques we will construct objects, buildings, hanging, floating and flying. Folding, cutting, sticking and moulding our way around the place

Day four: Cities and names (identity and words/ inventions/ machines) Building with words, today we are designing a machine that helps us name things and decipher what they mean. Through this we can explore the places, people and objects in them, in a new way. Our graphic exploration will involve stamps and printing as well as collage and stencilling.

Day Five: Hidden cities (making visible/ illusion/ tricks and hunting) All the things we cannot see …….We will take an excursion into trickery and illusion. With all our new ways of seeing and exploring we can now have a look at the things we can not see….all will be revealed!

Vanya Lambrecht Ward is a Collooney based artist and designer. She initially worked in set designer before finishing a degree in fine art in Sligo. In 2010 Vanya Graduated with a MA (Art in the Contemporary world ) at NCAD, Dublin and currently pursuing an architectural degree and works as a design consultant for small studio providing architectural services. Her practice is centered around the built environment and combines photography, sculpture, painting and installation. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally