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Fri 10 November, 7:30pm

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Undercurrent and John Scott present

Winter Ground  explores aspects of mobility, including issues relatingto travel, navigation, endurance and relocation, drawing from both personal experiences and wider context of migration of peoples.
This work will build on previous collaborations between Marketa Formanova, Olek Wojec, Jim Reynolds, Isolde Carmody, Roisin Loughrey and Kate Wilson, working as Undercurrent.

This performance startes at 7.30pm.

Following at 8.15pm will be Heroes, a powerful opera/dance performance, thrillingly delivered by John Scott, choreographer, dancer and operatic tenor. Scott creates a journey that is dance through the physicality of his astonishing voice, to show two selves, human and mythological. The music portrays heroes battling impossible dark forces and conquering darkness paralleled with the idea of escape. Scott channels the characters, battling impossible dark forces, making the mythological personal. Scott collaborated with French- Palestinian sound artist, Jassem Hindi in creating a sound environment for the operatic echoes to resonate.

Interdisciplinary and Dance workshops with both Kate and John will take place the following day, Saturday 11th November. Please book for these workshops in advance.