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Yeats’ Women

Thu 13 July, 1:00pm

Lunchtime Performance: Yeats’ Women featuring Glynis Casson, Daniel Costello & Claire Roche

WB Yeats is widely considered to be one of Ireland’s greatest ever writers. A playwright and poet, Yeats brought an occult angle to Anglo-Irish literature.
But Yeats was nothing without his obsessions and his muses. The latter included the revolutionary Maud Gonne, who went on to marry the nationalist hero Major John MacBride. Yeats later pursued their daughter, Iseult MacBride, in between women like Olivia Shakespeare and Georgie Hyde-Lees.
Take a closer look at romance and its place in Yeats’ extensive works. Consider the ways that his poetry and theatre are heightened by knowledge of the peoplethat inspired him and made his heart race.
In addition, think about the platonic female friends who changed his life, like Lady Augusta Gregory, who provided much of the passion and steam behind the Anglo-Irish revival.
This event was a performance of Yeats’ Women by Glynis Casson, Daniel Costello and Claire Roche comprising storytelling, poetry, harp-playing and mesmerising singing.

This event took place in St.George's Church.