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ZVUKEE No. 3 : Kelly Jayne Jones // Trish Morgan

Fri 12 April, 9:00pm

ZVUKEE is a series of performances, films & talks by artists who work with self-acquired sounds, field recordings and noises gathered from the seen and hidden world around us. It is curated by artist Natalia Beylis as part of her 2019 residency at The Dock. 



KELLY JAYNE JONES 'Multiple Dimension Initiate: Part 2'

'Multiple Dimension Initiate: Part 2' is a performance by Kelly Jayne Jones of amplified rocks, communing, connecting with multifaceted layers of the cosmos. Kelly Jayne Jones is a Manchester based artist who is making work that combines performance art, installation, sound and electro-acoustic music.

Kelly Jayne Jones is a Manchester based artist at the University of Manchester making work that combines performance art, installation, sound and music. Influenced by musique concrète, she works with improvisation, graphic scores, instructions, actions, movement, installation-performance, and audience participation/interaction. She has been researching techniques to amplify slate, using rocks and geology as a sound source.


TRISH MORGAN The Miracle of the One Thing

The Miracle of the One Thing is a work of ecological sound art. Concerned with ideas of alienation from nature, this work used hydrophones to record the underwater sounds of the river Shannon over a calendar year. The aim of the work is to present to an audience an experience of the river that is usually not available to listeners. In this way the work intends to offer a contribution towards overcoming alienation from nature. Made possible by The Arts Council of Ireland.

Trish Morgan is a lecturer in multimedia at Dublin City University. She is also an associate member of the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA) at Maynooth University. She is a media studies scholar who has had the benefit of an interdisciplinary perspective from geography. Her central research interest is in the communication and representation of environmental issues through theory and practice-based approaches.

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Natalia Beylis
Natalia Beylis
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