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The Last Wilderness: Cecilia Danell

Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Visual Arts
02 June - 16 August



Presented in collaboration with Galway Arts Centre

"In a post-nature future the unconscious mind will be the last wilderness." 

This solo exhibition is an expansion of Cecilia Danell’s recent show at Galway City Arts Centre in March 2017. For the show at The Dock we re-contextualise Danell’s stunning paintings of Scandinavian landscapes by making references to her interests in film, theatre and performance.  Many of the paintings make reference to her native Sweden and were developed during a residency in Norway. The exhibition incorporates an experimental film piece, shot on Super 8 film in the forest landscape at Bona, County Östergötland and The Old Theatre in the town Vadstena near where Danell is originally from. The film is screened from a small theatre set constructed of plywood forest. The works play between ideas of realism and artifice. Danell is interested in the relationship between cinema and dream and in how the landscape can act as a metaphorical stage set for the human psyche. She seeks to investigate the correlation between landscape, staged realities and the theatre. 

As part of the exhibition preview an evening of music took place with Cecilia Danell’s performing as A Lilac Decline with her fellow musicians Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon and Loner Deluxe from micro-independent Galway label Rusted Rail. 

Presented in collaboration with Galway Arts Centre