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The Mountains Loomed 2016

The Last Wilderness: Cecilia Danell

Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Visual Arts
02 June - 16 August

Friday 2nd June -16th August


Admission free

Exhibition preview Friday 2nd June -6pm
With a music event by micro-independent Galway label Rusted Rail

"In a post-nature future the unconscious mind will be the last wilderness." This statement forms the premise of works recently made by Cecilia Danell while she was on residency at the Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale, Norway, in 2016, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. During this time she has looked at the relationship between cinema and dream, as seen in the films by Andrei Tarkovsky, & how the landscape can act as a metaphorical stage set for the human psyche. She seeks to investigate the correlation between landscape, staged realities and the theatre. 

Danell is employing different media to speak about various areas of the overall project including painting, experimental film, photography, text and installation. Danell will first install this work at The Galway Arts Centre (scheduled for March/April 2017), She then further develop the works in an exhibition at The Dock using its three galleries.

This will include an experimental film piece, to shot in Sweden on Super 8.in the forest landscape at Bona, County Östergötland & the Old Theatre in the town Vadstena.  She will show the film within a plywood forest installation, which references the film’s theatre sets. And display light boxes containing a series of analogue B/W photos shot in Norway portraying wild nature. The exhibition will also show some of her stunning paintings which make reference to the Scandinavian landscape of her upbringing in Sweden and her time in Norway.