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Mechanism, Andrew Kearney

Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Visual Arts
27 October - 16 December

Mechanism is a solo exhibition by installation artist Andrew Kearney

Andrew Kearney creates installations using sculpture, light, photography, sound, and technology usually in response to specific sites, spaces or events. Thus, his installations become, in some ways, detailed investigations of the spaces for which they are made.

For more than two decades Kearney has created large-scale conceptual installations that examine the themes of personal history and identity and how architecture and the built environment are used and experienced by different audiences at different times. Most recently he has investigated how interventions in architectural space transform the experience of being in those spaces, how people think about them, how they become remembered and how a built environment can animate real and imaginary memories, desires and dreams.

Devised as a group of installations that redefine our experience of The Dock gallery, Mechanism is a solo exhibition by installation artist Andrew Kearney presenting a body of work that continues his exploration of the layered history of buildings. Presenting works created especially for The Dock alongside an environment responsive light and sound installation, first presented at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris, in a theatrical ensemble that responds, records, and reacts to everyday life in Carrick.

While the artist defines the parameters, assembles the technology, and sets the scene, he eventually relinquishes control so that each spectator generates, through his or her personal routine, a counterpoint to the prevailing record and history of the setting. In the case of Mechanism this is achieved by a group of interrelated large-scale installations that use industrial materials to integrate the architecture of the early nineteenth century courthouse with that of the contemporary art centre; meanwhile a range of electronic devices links the life of the town with that of the interior space of the gallery.

As you enter The Dock, a silver parachute-like orb, abandoned by its user, fills the void above the grand staircase. In an adjacent room an exposed assemblage hangs aloft in its functional, vulnerable state, uncompromisingly merging and recomposing the everyday sounds captured outside the building into a light and sound sequence mediating the on-going dialogue between the building’s internal and external organs. Simultaneously, in another room a penetrable wall quietly rotates, inviting the viewer – a time traveller – to occupy its centre as it continues in its constant cyclical motion. Boundaries between the public and the private are blurred, the realm of the transitional zone extended.

Individually and in combination these interventions offer the audience a space within which they can weave new narratives. Engaging the viewer, facilitating reflection on lives-lived and remembered, the work renders the everyday exceptional.

Presented in collaboration with Centre Culturel Irlandais 

All photos courtesy the artist & Centre Culturel Irlandais