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Natural Forms Orla Kenny

Gallery 3
06 May - 11 June

Natural Forms is a selection of works from an ongoing series by Orla Kenny.

Natural Forms is a selection of works from an ongoing series by Orla Kenny.  The works investigate and explore the rural Irish landscape and the study of the minute in the natural environment. This is not a scientific study but a study of light, colour, form, texture, composition and decomposition. 

Orla gathers and collects materials during walks in the countryside of County Sligo throughout the 4 seasons of the year.These materials are studied, dried and pressed to observe the material transformations that happen over time. The work seeks to enter the intricate and intimate nature of these forms. The focus is on paying attention to detail, capturing and celebrating the natural, the vibrant and the unseen. 

Orla Kenny is a visual artist based in Maugherow, County Sligo. Orla graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design with a degree in fine art (painting). Her work has painting at its base with a defining influence of digital and new media. She takes an experimental approach to her work and uses a variety of lens based media: microscopy, digital photography, polaroid and video. Orla has exhibited her work in solo and group shows on a national and international level.  Currently Orla is the Creative Director of Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership, a national children’s arts organisation and publishing house based in Sligo.