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NOWHERE 2018 Oil on canvas 92 x 61 cmPAINTed Version 2018 Oil on canvas 66 x 47 cmHow To Look At A Painting 2009 Oil on canvas 84 x 180 cm

Jeff Gibbons : NowHere: Factual Non-Sense

16 November - 04 January

Jeff Gibbons curated by Jo Melvin 

Gibbons’ paintings fuses phrases and letters with image and colour in a playful manner. Referential and quirky, the application of paint as shape and form echo the subtle, and at times, obvious always direct deadpan humour of the expressions.

The titles describe a way of working and thinking through painting. ‘How to solve This’, ‘WHAT This IS, This IS WHAT?’ Familiar everyday objects, cups, glasses, bottles, tables, flowers, birds and the family dog all feature. These are interspersed with words, sometimes fragmented by a change of colour, so that for instance ‘NOWHERE’ is graphically now here. The way the letters are formed similarly plays with different styles of handwriting.

These range from careful inscriptions to flourishes of signature. Painting immediately accessible phrases culled from diverse sources, signage, lyrics, or statements about art, makes a direct overture to the viewer. For instance, the painting titles ‘PAINTed Version’ (2018) shows a silhouette of the artist, stencilled onto the canvas with flowers and other gestural marks around it. The paintings bring together observations from different ways of making paintings.