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Joe Hanly : One of its Legs is Both the Same

Gallery 2
13 April - 02 June

Rather than taking it as given I am interested here, instead, in what I feel is the extraordinary capacity in people to support and negotiate the highly complex and mindboggling array of multi-sensual experiences that are encountered continuously today in this world we all inhabit. As I would see it, this is a question of aesthetics whereby this capacity in people is, by and large, due to an innate and highly resilient aesthetic disposition, possessed by everyone, that enables us to process and develop upon no matter what it is we are confronted with, allowing us to assess, elaborate and build on our encounters, in ingenious ways, which then become intuitively part of our resources for future encounters as we make our way forward. One of the more fruitfully rewarding of these types of encounter can of course be an encounter with art.

For this exhibition “One of its legs is both the same” I am fully mindful of this notion when making work. The works consist of painting / montage and digitally generated print into which are gathered as diverse a selection as possible of unassociated items of content, familiar, partially familiar and completely unfamiliar. They are set into paradoxical relationships of an abstract and / or choreographic order in which the elements themselves are left to find their own dialogic positions as they seek to tap that innate aesthetic and invite new readings from unanticipated associations.

The title for this exhibition “One of its legs is both the same” has been chosen for its grammatically impossible realisation, which is in sympathy with the paradoxical nature of the work, and is the answer to a well-known old riddle that involves a duck.