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Hugh McGettigan: Palimpsest

Gallery 3, Visual Arts
17 June - 25 June

‘Palimpsest’ is an exhibition of sculpture by artist in residence Hugh McGettigan created during his six-month studio residency at The Dock.

Exploring the physical structure of found and salvaged materials ‘Palimpsest’ makes reference to both found and imagined architectural structures creating works that play with balance, both compositionally and with physical sculptural equilibrium. Works take influence from modernist sculpture, Adhocist design principles and Constructivist three-dimensional work while making reference to works from sculptural tradition.

A palimpsest is a document usually velum that has been written on more than once. The original text is erased or scraped off becoming replaced by the text for its following use leaving behind traces of the original information. The term ‘palimpsest’ can also refer to archaeological and architectural sites or objects that have been used or have been reworked for multiple purposes retaining evidence of its previous use.