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People, Places, Faces 1916

People, Places, Faces; A response to the events of 1916

Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3
12 January - 23 January

Carrigallen Vocational School and Abbey Community College, Boyle.

Students from Leitrim and Roscommon worked, together and individually, to produce an exhibition based on their artistic interpretations of the events of 1916. They engaged with the many historical aspects which led to the events including the personalities involved in the planning and execution of the Rising and the social conditions of the times.

 In the three galleries of The Dock they curated and exhibited paintings, reconstructions, installations, drawings, comic strips, collage, audio, film and performances.

 With the guidance of their teachers and families, the students from Carrigallen and Boyle encouraged audiences to consider the symbolic nature of objects which represent the seven signatories of the proclamation. Another installation responded to the living circumstances of the time and had a particular emphasis on socio-economic context of the period and the impact of poverty on living conditions of children at that time. Another work referenced the children who died during the rising.



2016 finds the island of Ireland a more empowered place. A place of rich and diverse cultures, this exhibition is a personal interpretation by young people of our modern history and represented an opportunity for them to consider how the ideals of that generation have remained an inspiration over succeeding generations.

This exhibition represents the artistic conclusion of their responses to the personalities of those involved in the events of Easter 1916 and serves as a document of a young person’s perspective of the many cultural facets of the period.