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Some kind of real

Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Mezzanine, Visual Arts
01 July - 03 September

1 July - 3 September 2016

Neil Carroll
Kevin Cosgrove
Hannah Fitz

Exhibition continues until 3rd Sept. 

This exhibition brings together three artistic practices interested in ideas of labour, representation and memory and materiality.  Some kind of real grew out of a partnership between the Dock and TBG+S and was developed through a series of conversations with the artists and the two organisations.

The artists are Neil Carroll, Kevin Cosgrove and Hannah Fitz, who are all currently studio artists in Temple Bar Gallery +Studios. Their forms of representation are approached from differing perspectives as is their engagement with ideas of the real. The works play with and address what is and attempt to explore ideas of the real; for example, in Neil Carroll’s work (combining sculpture and painting), he deconstructs the surfaces of his painted canvases to propose something more genuinely real. In Kevin Cosgrove’s work his exploration of the medium of painting finds accord in the real-life subject of the workspace.  Hannah Fitz brings an exuberant re-imaging of the immediate and the familiar, presenting instead an augmented picturing of reality. The artists work across mediums of painting, sculpture, film.

In Neil Carroll’s painting installations architecture is the motif used to explore our relationship to the physical world. The trope architecture affords gives a grounded experience and is governed by rules and systems such as framing, perspectives, solids, voids and volume. In his paintings viewpoints are literally torn apart to suggest something more chaotic, more expansive and more layered.  The surface and spaces of painting are in a state of breakdown. The physicality of the works is manifestation of their making; it exposes layers, reflective of human endeavour and suggests a complex relationship to our world.

In Kevin Cosgrove’s paintings are representations of workspaces and they pay homage to traditions and practical know-how that takes place in sheds, garages, and workplaces (labour, fabricating, engineering, fixing, repairing, etc.). The realist quality can be understood through references to and employment of historic painting tropes and depictive tricks. His paintings deal with reality within his life and habitual understanding of the places of work… empty, waiting, yet full of life care. ‘Order that looks like chaos.’

In Hannah Fitz’s sculptural practice images of commonplace things is her starting point.  The works have a more real than real aura. Reinvigorated and refreshed in three dimensional forms as sculptural ‘gangs’, she offers a new focus on things in the world, developing folds and slippages in the relationships between the works and the story of objects. In her video, In Light of the Lamp, the scene is constructed by collaging three layers of video footage. An actor (Isadora Epstein), attempts to take up position in front of a table, but never manages to have any physical effect on the objects or their activities.  In the Light of the Lamp was commissioned by curator Michael Hill….

About the Artists

Neil Carroll is an artist working through the spatial elements of painting, such as ground, surface, frame and figure, towards other territories such as architecture, landscape and anthropology, while using materials more ordinarily found in building construction.

Neil Carroll is a graduate of NCAD, Dublin and has recently completed an MFA at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, 2016. He has participated in numerous solo and group shows throughout Ireland, including participating in 'Futures' (2013) at the RHA, Dublin and a solo exhibition at the LAB, Dublin, 2012. Carroll is a studio member at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin.

Kevin Cosgrove’s paintings revolve around a contemplation for places of work; de-populated factory interiors, family-run mechanic’s workshops, hobbyist woodworking sheds. Using photographic sources, which he gathers from friends, acquaintances and by chance encounters, he carefully catalogues, classifies and translates the multifarious workshop information. A process of re-picturing the scene through a filter of painterly process, cinema reference and the position of a painting in relation to industrially manufactured objects. His paintings can be linked to an extensive framework of artists who have explored the social structures and the nobility – or otherwise – of labour, linking Corot, Courbet and Manet to the Euston Road School and extending to the artists of Soviet and Chinese social realism.

Kevin Cosgrove was selected for the Jerwood Contemporary Painters Prize in 2010 and his work has been shown at Frieze Art Fair, London (2012) and Art HK, and Art Basel Hong Kong, (2012 and 2016), as well as three solo exhibitions at mother’s tankstation, Dublin, most recently Remake (2014). Further exhibitions include Butler Gallery, Kilkenny (2016), The Dock, Leitrim (2016), Don’t shoot the painter, Villa Reale’s Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Milan (2015), 40/40/40, travelled to Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, Warsaw, and Pallazo Della Farnesina, Rome (2013) and Last, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin. 

Kevin Cosgrove is represented by mother’s tankstation, Dublin.[ii]

Hannah Fitz makes artworks in series by demarcating and collectively eluding figurative shapes. Fitz works in series to organise wavering relationships of identity and appearance in the individual pieces and collective grouping. Working in sculpture and more recently video, identifiable objects become uneasy subjects with relationships to an always distant human body.

Hannah Fitz graduated from NCAD Sculpture in NCAD in 2012, and worked as a Director of Basic Space (an artist lead project group) until 2014. In 2015 she was awarded the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios Graduate Award, and a Fellowship at Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee. In 2016 Fitz exhibited in Galley Three at the Douglas Hyde, and is working towards a publication with Hassan Khan to be launched at Sommerakademie 2016 with Thomas Hirschhorn. In October this year she will exhibit a new series of work with Daniel Tuomey at NCAD Gallery, Dublin.

Text from Kevin Cosgrove’ exhibition Remake, mothers’ tankstation, Dublin 2014. 

[ii]   Kevin Cosgrove biography is from mothers’tankstation website see http://www.motherstankstation.com/artist/kevin-cosgrove/biography/

Associated Events:
Artists in conversation with Curator Cliodhna Shaffrey Friday July 1st at 6.30pm.

Kevin Cosgrove Masterclass: Oil painting weekend Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July 11am - 4pm

Workshops with Hannah Fitz A Table that runs like a Horse Saturday 23rd July, 4 years + 10.30 - 12.00pm and Flatspace  Saturday 23rd July, 8 years + 1.00 - 2.30pm