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Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson : The non-random survival of randomly varying replicators

Gallery 2, Gallery 3
06 February - 28 March

Jason Thompson has been nominated for two major arts awards in Britain - John Moores Painting Prize (2010) and the Liverpool Prize (2014). He is an artist whose reputation is rapidly growing and whose work is becoming increasingly sought after by collectors. This is Jason first solo exhibition in Ireland. His colorful and energetic paintings and drawings are inspired by mechanical, botanical and anatomical diagrams. It’s the nature of this research element in his work that gives rise to the curious title of this collection “The non-random survival of randomly varying replicators”. 

At first glance his paintings are very attractive and visually engaging, but there is a depth and complexity to the work which makes for really persuasive viewing. This work is ideal for The Dock’s elegant galleries, which offers the perfect setting for these compelling works.