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The Past Presence

The Past Presence

Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3
18 September - 21 November

Preview 6pm

Featuring composer Jonathan Nangle and artists Mark Garry, Karl Burke and Aideen Barry.

“The Past Presence” highlights The Dock’s culture of commissioning new work, and revisits works past and new interests as part of our 10 year anniversary. 

Aideen Barry ‘s new work “Not to be named” is titled after Dante’s reflection on monsters, as the ones “not to be named nor understood”? This short film draws us to question where the horror actually lies?  Maybe it’s in the mountains of madness’s we have created ourselves?  “Not to be named” plays with the monstrous and human expressions of emotion through the endless nightmare of domestic drudgery and compulsive consumption.

Commissioned by The Dock 10 years ago Landscapes by Karl Burke and Mark Garry reflected upon notions of a specific place, its histories, stories and mythologies. It has gone on to be shown in London, Paris, Vilnius, New York and Sydney.  This was the first film work made by both artists. Ten years later, we are re-presenting the work with new sound elements composed from field recordings and guitar.

First and foremost a composer, Jonathan Nangle’s compositions explore many diverse fields ranging from inter­active install­ation, to notated acoustic and electro-acoustic sound and improvisation. Pause is new commission by the Dock in association with Crash Ensemble featuring the young Irish ballet dancer Jamie Haughton. PAUSE emerged from a short two bar phrase from Charles Ives ‘Concord Sonata’ (1919). The second work ‘(sighing): oh…but we were monsters’ was directly inspired by Alvin Lucier and is largely synthesised from sine tones through custom built software and processed guitar samples. The third work Breath is an  Audio-Visual Installation producing algorithmically generated rhythmic sequences.