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Anna Macleod: Water Conversations

Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3
03 July - 12 September

Exhibition Opening
Friday 03 July, 6pm

Anna Macleod is a Leitrim-based artist whose work on the complex subject of water has great international as well as local impact and relevance.

Water Conversations: A Survey of Works 2007-2015 is major exhibition of the artist’s activity that, to date, has taken place in Ghana, West Africa, Northern India, Colorado, USA: Ireland: Gobi Desert, Mongolia: Alberta, Canada: Alméria, Spain and in October 2015, Broken Hill, Australia.

Water Conversations is the umbrella term for an ongoing series of Macleod’s projects since 2007.

Articulated as a series of actions, small sculptures, posters, drawings and public interventions, the work explores the complex interstices between landscape, science and technology, culture and geopolitics. The collaborative aspect of the work has led to working partnerships with artists, scientists, cultural geographers, activists and engineers. The recent works from Canada, Water Conversations | Alberta and OH Alberta explore the uneasy psychological space in contemporary life between a global addiction to fossil fuel and a desire for landscape as a wilderness space.

In addition to the exhibition which will take place in all The Dock’s galleries, there will be an associated programme of talks, practical workshops and children’s educational activities directly relevant to Water Conversations

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