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November 2011
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Ailie Blunnie in Concert … ooops, … in Interview at The Dock

[ November 28, 2011 ]

And there she is, our very own Ailie Blunnie, coming out to chat to me on the rainiest day of the whole month, thank you Ailie, I very much loved chatting to you! Looking forward to your concert on the 9th of December at 8.30pm in The Dock, I hope you'll be having your Roisin and our man Keith from the sound box in tow that eve! Out and over to Ailie Blunnie!


De Dannan, waiting for Ailie and Monday Mornings

[ November 28, 2011 ]

The hits (or is it clicks?) on the blog soared since Ailie Blunnie put a link onto her Facebook page, so much for advertising, thank you Ailie for that! Looks like we need to review our own way of promoting the blog, or do I just need to drag Ailie everywhere I am going? We are very close to uploading the video of the interview with her, so this is just the post before the post on a Monday morning, since I promised to give you something to check out before you get into gear on your desk at the beginning of every week! The last Wednesday at The Dock hosts De Dannan this week and I am sure with all the trad fans around the place we’ll be in for a great night out, I hope the Jury bar will be open after the gig too!

One little, cute and funny picture of an Irish road somewhere in the south, made me laugh, see if you can spot the difference!

Otherwise, I am working on a little competition for you guys, will have it up on Wednesday, get your cameras and brain waves out already for it, I only need to get green light from Paul and then I let you in on the deal!

As I said, this is the post before the post, while we are eagerly awaiting Ailie Blunnie in Interview with the secret Dock Blogger! See you soon!