The loyal reader will know that I’ve started to interview the staff around The Dock, just to get a bigger picture of what they are up to in their work, and a bit more of the person behind the scenes… this month’s interview goes to Stephen Rennicks, you know, the friendly face at the front desk when its not Ciara herself sitting there… here you go… Hi Stephen! I know you’re working at The Dock for a year, and that you are assisting the Front of House manager Ciara in all her tasks, but I heard you are an artist in your own rights too. Can you tell me about a couple of projects you’ve done in the past and that you particularly liked?

I suppose I really felt I was onto something when I did my Secret Residency at Dublin airport while working there as a baggage handler in 2004. That was essentially about being in the moment and for a number of years after that I did work exploring that in various ways. More recently I have gotten into myth as well, How to Disappear was the first time I really did this on a big scale. Links to these projects are all on my website.

You are about half time into your job at The Dock, what was the most surprising/ unexpected/ challenging/ or lovely work you have done so far, can you give us a glimpse behind the scenes?

I’ve already done so many new things since I’ve been here and have managed to deal with them all (so far) but I would say I enjoy the surprise involved in dealing with people the most, be it the public, staff or performers/artists.

I spotted the link to your new website and project on Facebook, The Art of Concealment, do you want to tell us anything about it and how you came up with the idea and what it is about?

I wanted to do something connected to my job at The Dock and also practice what I have been preaching about doing secret/one minute residencies. The work has to be relatively quick to do, therefore in the main simple, and not cost any money. In this case and in what I’ve done to date I basically strive to make the kind of work I would like to see in the world. Regarding the poster aspect of this project I know I would be very intrigued by anonymous posters appearing around the town with a word I didn’t recognize. The project on one level is about looking/perception and I hope the fact that anyone, so inclined, could do this on their lunch break, may be inspiring to others as well.

Well, that matches what a friend just told me only yesterday, that a certain Stephen Rennicks recognizes art within the things others may overlook all too easy in our fast pace of life… I am particularly intrigued by the Poetry While You Wait part of your project – especially since I met the secret poet, so people check it out here The Art of Concealment or take a stroll down to the bus stop besides Coffee’s, you should find a weekly surprise there… Next question for you Stephen, what was your favorite show or project you ever saw at The Dock… and maybe what was the best you saw in the last year anywhere else in the world?

A Nigel Rolfe performance in 2005 or 2006 in the theatre space was for me the best thing I have ever seen here. It was part of a traveling IMMA exhibition.

And last but not least… How do you relax after work, what do you do for “feet-up”-time?

Things like hill walking, socializing, reading, movies, gardening and looking after my cats and bees to name but a few!

I certainly hope there will be local honey from those bees this year, the last batch was pretty smashing and went in my house as the Stephen-Rennicks-Honey! Thank you Stephen for your time, very enjoyable interview, and keep us posted to whats new at The Dock!

Your D B

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