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Ladies’ Night and The Nualas at The Dock

[ May 10, 2012 ]

I am finally getting around uploading the pictures from the girls night last week, ladies night in the Leitrim Design house followed by The Nualas in The Dock, and what pleasure it was! Leitrim based Milliner David Ballantine and crew charmed all of us ladies with his new creations of quirky and approachable hats, while Caroline Murray from Turning Heads was there to show us her latest hair and make-up tricks.  I had done all the girlie bits at home already so I didn’t give the latter a try but every lady emerging of Caroline’s chair and hands looked sparkling and happy, next time I know to turn up bare-faced! But what I did realize on the night, there is a hat for every face, I would have put a bet on it that like so not one single hat will sit right on that head of mine, but the Milliner and friends proved me wrong and herewith I am correcting myself: I do have a hat face after all! Was hoping to win the raffle for the kinky prize of David’s, but since I never really win anything -surprise surprise- the lucky girl was someone else.. The Design House was packed, glasses clinking, and the level of chatter reached more the noise level of a Dublin Pub at this stage of the eve, am loving it, there is life in our Carrick when you don’t go looking!

The whole evening was rounded off by The Nualas, and dear me, they really didn’t hold back, the audience was in stitches throughout the length of a pretty generous show, and I can tell you one thing: I felt for the brave men soldiering on in the crowd! I certainly was glad to be a girl, Kevin the Doctor from Manchester got the worst deal of all men throughout the entire show, but some bearded guy and a couple of blokes in the first row got their fair share as well.. Mind you, the ‘nerdy’ Nuala, you know the one on our left, she seems to fancy beards big time, I am glad to hear that, and sorry my friend K. for telling you to shave off that beard to be back in the game, it might have been a very subjective judgement after all! Everything possible in this world was slagged by the three, looked at, taken apart and put together again, and great singers The Nualas are on top of all that, ...

... the two hours flew by like a few minutes and everybody walked out of the place very happily giggling that night! Including the men, I have to say that one more time, fair play to you guys! Enjoy the memory, and for the ones, who couldn’t make it, enjoy the pics!

Your D B

Colin Murphy supported by Chris Kent

[ February 17, 2012 ]

Happy Weekend to you all! News just in that the brilliant Chris Kent is doing support for Colin Murphy tonight at The Dock. Winner of the Comedy Smackdown at the Galway Comedy festival 2010, and of the Bulmers Nuttin’ But Funny Competition 2009, Chris Kent is one of Ireland’s rapidly rising young comedians and they say he's one to watch!

And YESSS, congrats to the winners of the 'two for one' tickets for tonights show! It pays to Like us on Facebook and enter the odd competition!


Leitrim Laughs hosts Neil Delamere 'Restructuring'

[ November 7, 2011 ]

Sunny Monday morning again, but getting cold in my little houseen by now, I know winter has kind of come when I need to scrape the ice of my car in the mornings…

My super duper radar took up a secret message on Facebook this morning, looks like the Blunnie Sisters will be back to The Dock in December for sure, I am missing Roisin on the poster, but I guess we all knew it would be Ailie and Band one of the days sooner or later, so sooner it is, but I am very much looking forward to Roisin’s clever wit all the same!

… Nevertheless, if you haven’t heard of the Blunnie Sisters yet, you just ought to; and if you heard them playing, I am sure you’ll be back for more!  It’s still half a month till the new programme will be out, but take this as a sneak preview straight from the horse’s mouth, ha ... even The Dock doesn't know that I am letting you in on that one! Yep, and that reminds me, The December 2011 to February 2012 What's on Guide for Co Leitrim will be going to press shortly, meaning: If you have an event you would like to include please send details to as in NOW!

This weeks highlight is Neil Delamere at the Bush Hotel on Thursday the 10th and the show starts as usual at 8.30 pm. Phone 071 9671000 to book your table for 4-Course Dinner + Neil Delamere ticket (all for €39), or if you can laugh without food the tickets will be 20Euro, and 18 for Comedy Club Members. The Irish Times claims ‘No TV camera could accurately measure the lightning speed of Delamare’s wit’, all the better for coming out on Thursday night and seeing this 5 star comedy maestro LIVE! Have a quick look at what to expect!


All the best, Your Dock Blogger with cold hands,

looks like the gloves have to come out soon!

David O'Doherty upload after all!

[ October 13, 2011 ]

[youtube][/youtube] Funny! Your D B
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