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‘Tons of Money’… wouldn’t we all… ?

[ April 15, 2013 ]

The Breffni Players are busy again! I sneaked into their dress rehearsal and took a few shots, had a few laughs and snooped around behind the scene... TONS OF MONEY is running 16th til 20th of April 20.30pm @ St Mary's Hall... come by, you'll love it! Hilarious indeed, and not just the wigs.! ... ' Tons of Money' by Will Evans promises to be yet another theatrical delight. Directed by Angus Dunne, this is a 1920's classical farce about a high society English couple that are on the verge of bankruptcy only to discover they have inherited a fortune from a distant relative. They hatch an elaborate plan to keep their creditors at bay by faking Aubrey's death, with Aubrey impersonating his long lost cousin, who is next in line to inherit the money. But even the best laid plans never run smoothly especially when their butler gets in on the act by enlisting his own brother to impersonate George, What ensues is a madcap caper of misunderstandings & mistaken identity to create one hilarity after another. Be sure not to miss what promises to be a great night of madness... even if The Breffs are not gracing our stage this time!

Christmas 2012 at The Dock

[ December 18, 2012 ]

The Breffni Players most certainly know how to throw a party and they surely had enough to celebrate for 2012! Looking back on their year Saturday night in The Swan Bar I have to say they did in the most organized and perfect manner, I dare say it was something like a PowerPoint presentation indeed and if my memory serves me right Martin is the technical genius behind those tasks. Starting off with Dancing at Lughnasa in March, filling the summer hole with their Women on the Verge and now rocking the One Act boat with their Scarecrow, bringing home the title for 2012, and personally I think it is well deserved for sure! Golden Globes were passed around aplenty, little yummies for the actors, speeches and poems, and I am not sure if I dreamt it up or if Brendan K went on his own private dance that got him wolf whistles and cheers all around and made at least somebody in the room blush! I was somewhat sorry to leave the crowd behind yet that was me moving on to a 40th birthday party, but I certainly got enough slagging of the Breffs for doing just that, leaving the best party in town and all… Congrats Breffs, from all of us at The Dock, you did smashing this year, savour the moment, the title, and let it all sink in!

Somehow the weekend never really stopped after that, what with the Ice Rink in town, three markets at the same time, the Winter Market at The Dock of course (that’s me coming to the point), amazing sounds of ‘live’ music in our foyer, sold paintings from the Open Season Exhibition (and still some more that would make a dashing present under some tree for that extra special person in your life, maybe, or just because…) …, lots of arts and crafts, mulled wine, and Davy in the Café was busy like a steam train. Lovely, if you ask me, what a success to see the town so alive and people going with the flow just as the day came at them… Must not forget to mention the Biggest Santa Hat Gathering of all times, at least in the West of Ireland I guess, all the proceedings are going to the Simon Community and I herewith pay my respect to everybody involved, a great job you have done there, I hope you counted my hat too even though I was taking the pictures rather than being in it at the end. (But seems like Keith Nolan caught me on film after all if you want to spot me, just came across his picture and am sharing it here...) I know there is always that bit of extra pressure in December, but folks… let’s celebrate the season, take time out to have that cuppa with a friend, catch up with somebody you haven’t seen in a while, play with the kids in your life… too easy to get caught up in all the rush and shopping and needing it to be perfect for the one day. My loveliest Christmas was the one where I forgot to buy the bird, meant to head out on Christmas eve to grab one in one of the supermarkets but got a text of a friend saying the traffic in town is mad. To cut it short, I went to the 24hour shop after the kids were tucked in, only to realize that the 24hour thing is not done on Christmas Eve and there was nothing to be done about it full stop. It was Himalayan take-away on the night, and mix and match picnic on the floor the day after, and I loved every second of it, funnily enough the kids too! Sometimes to road less traveled is the more picturesque one, me thinks… and if you need just a couple more presents but dread the packed shops already, swing by to The Leitrim Design House and find a present in style. All the shows at The Dock are done and dusted for this year and Declan O'Rourke finished up the year beautifully for us, so we are catching up on paperwork and those cobwebs in dark corners, but do call by, everything else is still going in full swing and our doors are wide open till the very last minute! I am very much in seasonal mode even though I did not solve that tree situation yet, so here it comes, Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks to all of you for your support, countless cuppas, the slagging, the praise, the sent-in pictures when my camera kicked up a fuss, the technical help and the odd brainwave coming my way… it has been an amazing year! Laters, with all the news coming up, Your Dock Blogger

more photos this way... and way more to come from The Breffs yet too,...!113&Bsrc=Photomail&Bpub=SDX.Photos&sff=1

Green Door once again!

[ September 14, 2012 ]

Folks, it’s Friday, bunk off early and make the most of our Green Door Weekend, opening its doors for the second time and year! Lots to be doing, watching, listening to, discovering, and never underestimate the fun factor at those events! I still very fondly remember last year, and apart from the obvious fact that a year has passed in the blink of an eye I am very much looking forward to tonight, tomorrow and Sunday!

Check out the programme, call by, pick up the brochure and mark those events you want to join and the houses you want to visit and see for yourself!

The theme this year is Architecture and Art which runs right through our line-up of events and is one I thought you might be interested in looking at. Our opening debate on Friday 14th Sept. is:'The Aesthetics of Ethics' with the fantastic line-up of: Chair Dr Sandra O'Connell and on the panel Mike Haslem, Steve Larkin, Deirdre McMenamin and Dominic Stevens.

Saturday 15th Sept 11-2pm, we have a mini-symposium called 'Practising between Architecture and Art' with Declan Long, Nuala Flood, Adrian Duncan and Marta Fernandez Calvo.

Exhibitions include ‘Made’ at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre.

The theme continues right through to our film night in Dromahair where we are showing Eames: The Architect and the Painter along with Eames shorts and the alternative: Buckminster Fuller meets the Hippies!

Then of course there are the 35 homes and buildings open to the public for Free over the two days, offering insight and inspiration to the visitors.

Please follow this link to see the full programme of events and open homes

And do call 087 778 1914 for more information any time…

And yes, kids’ stuff too, mudslinging with Kevin Callaghan, building your own home in mud on Saturday morning at 11 at The Dock! I’ll be around for most of it, call by, get inspired, the time is now!

‘Taking Liberties’ at The Dock

[ August 5, 2012 ]

3pm might be too early for some of you, but some of you will be able to make it on Tuesday afternoon for the launch of the Northwest Pride Exhibition “Taking Liberties”.  This is the 4th multimedia arts exhibition of NW Pride, and we are delighted to have The Dock as the venue for it this year for the very first time. I am only back from my travels, but I got a quick glance of the work already and I was able to grab a minute with curator Brendan Dean, “there is nothing like now” he said when I asked for a minute of his time at some convenient hour for him, well he had me at that for sure! Besides some shared personal stories he filled me in on NW Pride being the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) support organisation for the Northwest of Ireland, and that work for the exhibition has been submitted from all four corners of the country, the Northwest, Wexford, Cork and Dublin to name a few. Especially interesting for me that there is a good handful of emerging Arts students taking part in the exhibition, and I will have to come back with a bit more time and my little camera for seeing more of the work, I couldn’t have kept hovering over Brendan anyway while he was hanging the last few drawings, not that he was fazed by that, but my teenage daughter needed me to get home for some sort of teenage emergency and my looking at the work was somewhat cut short by that.

There is a whole brochure/ programme out there for NW Pride 2012, August the 7th till the 12th, with events all over Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal, some remaining few are still at The Dock to be had, and the launch for the exhibition is in a way the launch of the whole festival. So if you can make Tuesday 7th of August 3pm at The Dock, we are looking forward seeing you there!

Your Dock Blogger...

...and there is more for Wednesday, Izzy the woman running the forum asked us to put some information up here...  Once I know times and somewhat more details I'll fill you in, but keep the Wednesday at the back of your mind!

Full Spectrum, a forum hosted by Northwest LGBT Pride (a community festival for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people, our families, friends and allies.) The forum will explore practical steps that could and should be taken by all community organisations to become more inclusive. This “Full Spectrum” forum will feature speakers from minorities within the LGBT community,

including disabled, transgendered, asylum -seeking and minority ethnic people. It is open to LGBT organisations, disability organisations and any other community groups that would like to improve their accessibility and inclusivity. Full Spectrum is supported by the Leitrim Development Company.

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