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Leitrim Tree of The Year

Leitrim Tree of The Year

Leitrim Tree of The Year 2020.

The Dock Presents "Whose Woods These Are" A Festival of Art and Trees. This four day celebration of trees in music, art and story will take place in December.

We are open now for nominations so put your favourite Leitrim tree forward for consideration for The Leitrim Tree of The Year 2020.

Simply send a photo of your favourite tree along with  a couple of lines to say why your tree should be crowned as winner. 

Enter your nominations by emailing leitrimtreeoftheyear@gmail.com 

The winning tree will be announced during the "Whose Woods These Are" Festival, which will take place from December 17th - 20th at The Dock.

"Whose Woods These Are" Festival Details will be announced in Early November 2020.