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‘Meeting place/Traces & Echoes’ Marilin North Exhibition

‘Meeting place/Traces & Echoes’ Marilin North Exhibition

'Meeting place/Traces & Echoes' is an ongoing series of drawings that explore the elements of a rural Irish landscape.

Marilin North  lives and works on the Sligo/Leitrim border. Her sensitive tonal studies focus on her rural surroundings: responding to places that strike her as unusual, memorable and worthy of closer observation.

Although Leitrim’s vistas appear raw and untouched, the landscape is marked and sometimes shaped by the people who live and work there.
There are traces of human activity everywhere: the very land itself is walled and fenced into parcels as far as the eye can see, roads and pathways weaving between pastures and upwards into the hills. Former homesteads and old farm buildings no longer used as well as industrious occupied farms and strings of bungalows dot the landscape. Dark, shadowy forestry plantations and distant wind farms in constant motion form a backdrop.

North’s drawing practice serves as a way to understand the nature of what she sees and reflect on it. Each drawing informs the next, through experimentation and visual investigation she learns and discovers new elements of interest for further study.

North draws with charcoal on thick, hot pressed paper that can withstand sanding and repeated erasure so that she can build up marks to create variety of tone, texture and movement.

Working in monochrome allows her to heighten patterns of light and shade that fall across roads and play on foliage and expanses of grass. She is fascinated by the abstract shapes produced by areas of deep shadow, the gnarled limbs of trees and winding roadways distorted by perspective. It is these details that create a resonance with the viewer and perhaps convey some of the atmosphere and life of the places she draws. 

Exhibition continues until Tuesday 5th September, 2017