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Scrabble Stories Exhibition, The Word Corner

Scrabble Stories Exhibition, The Word Corner

The Word Corner is a monthly Dock event for sharing stories, poetry and other word-works. Word Corner meets in the Dock on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 6-7:30pm  All are welcome.

On Saturday 11th November, Word Corner regulars were invited to play a new variation of the classic game Scrabble, devised by Word Corner host Wayne Frankham. The words and stories displayed in this exhibition came direct from the game 'Scarbble Stories' with 12 players. 

Scrabble Stories is suitable for 2-12 players. Scrabble Stories centres around the original game and rules, then offers bonus opportunities for creating stories which include the played words.

For some years, Scrabble tiles of varying sizes have begun arranging themselves into displays on the walls and shelves of peoples homes. Appearing as symbols of love, homeliness and creative expression, the tiles themselves have become a familiar element of our environments language.Beyond the classic game played by families and friends, clubs, tournaments and online gamers, the 150 million sets sold around the world have found themselves to be fertile pools of creativity, spawning dozens of variations of word and number games from ‘Adversary' to ‘Zed words’.

The stimulation of creativity, within the constraints of a shared game, offers a worthy challenge of imaginative use of all words played in Scrabble, with a specific word count. All styles and genres permitted for entertaining, enlightening, absurd, and possibly profound results.

These Stories have been kindly permitted for view in their raw, mostly unedited, mid-game state. Many thanks to all who partook in the game - and those who granted these words to be shared.