Projects & Residencies

Graduate Award Residency 2017

We are delighted to welcome the first recipent of the new garduate residency award at The Dock  Anna Leask

Shetland native, Anna Leask lives in Sligo and graduated in 2016 in Fine Art at It Sligo. Anna works as a photographer for local businesses, galleries and magazines, documenting events and artwork. Her Fine art practice is both in digital and film photography combining old and new practices, in a process called Cyanotype, also known as sun exposure.

During her residency at The Dock, Leask aims to create a body of work that investigates the essence of her identity moving from the small Scottish islands to her new adopted home of Sligo, using cyanotype on both paper and material supports, merging both photographic mediums.  Anna is interested in what differentiates the two cultures and also the similarities.