Projects & Residencies

Gabrielle Flynn lives in Leitrim and is a recent graduate of Fine Art at Sligo I.T.  She is primarily a figurative painter. In this residency at The Dock Art Centre, Gabrielle will undertake two projects. 

The first, is a short project which will be undertaken from December 2018 to March 2019. The title of this body of work is Fishing. Gabrielle, a former Librarian, believes she has lived through a technological revolution where communication, alongside social change, has altered rural Ireland. In line with this change, she has been looking at how she sees older men in rural Ireland portraying themselves online. This body of work will comprise of an estimate of ten works on paper in oil paint. 

The second project aims to create a body of work which will examine the environment of North Mayo. Gabrielle will look at people and landscape. The title, On The Edge, refers to her feeling of being on the edge of the world when in these surroundings.  She intends to explore through oil paint on canvas these feelings further and to examine,  a sense of being on the periphery.

Gabrielle’s process is to examine images, some found, some photographed by the artist, in Photoshop and physical collages. These become a starting point for paintings and drawings. She expands these images by creating a dialogue through the materiality of oil paint and charcoal and sometimes leaving a trace of the digital origin in abstract elements. 

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