Projects & Residencies

Hugh McGettigan graduated from from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dun Laoghaire with a 1st Class Honours. His sculptural works are playful balance of tensions. He has been working with readymade and found materials which show traces of previous uses, such as reclaimed wood. He has been paying attention to the qualities of materials and interested in sculptural equilibrium.

During his residency Hugh became interested in the form and nature of architectural spaces, in how they may be adjusted and reworked to suit changing visions. Over many years buildings like the Dock have seen periods of adjustments and reworkings. Each change forms an intervention in the architectural space, making what might be solid fluid. Small or large marks or changes form the evolving spatial story of the building.  This interplay between solidity and the possibility of adjustment are made to suit  the buildings ever changing needs.

Responding to the many layered nuances of designed spaces, he created a series of modular structures and curated a group of artworks to be displayed in the public spaces at The Dock. His artwork was a response to his observations about how the past functions of the building and its materiality becomes a documentation of multiple and various histories, and how changes and adjustments are a representation of the imaginations and concerns of the buildings custodians and its users.  

You can visit Hugh's website here