Projects & Residencies

Mick Donohoe is a music producer and DJ based in Wicklow.

A production method he has developed involves travelling to a country or city to search for records in shops, thrift stores and on the streets, in particular the locally produced music and records brought by migrants to the city. On returning to his studio, these records then provide the source material for his sample based productions where every snippet can be traced back to a location, a street where a record was found, or a record dealer or street seller, creating a musical memory collage of a place, its people and its musical heritage.

He is regarded as the foremost collector of music from the tropics in Ireland and is a working DJ performing every weekend in Ireland, around Europe and beyond. He founded the widely acclaimed 'Disco e Cultura' project, exploring musical connections between Latin America, Brazil, West Africa & the Caribbean, through regular vinyl only parties often featuring film, dance and multimedia exhibitions. He is a regular contributor to radio including 10 years on Radio na Life, a monthly show on DDR and a regular contributor to Dublab LA. In 2017 he completed a Masters in Music Technology in CIT.

In 2019 he released two new productions on the Elsewhere label and performed his own productions at the OpenEar festival on Sherkin Island, Camp Cosmic in Chemnitz Germany, Sameheads in Berlin and also mixed the debut release for Moroccon/Belgian duo Mameem 3 whilst working on his 2nd album.

As artist in residence in the Dock he will focus on creating a new collaborative audio/visual installation project based on the commonalities found in different musical cultures. He plans to expand on his existing technique of music production - using unauthorized sampled music from disparate sources, to producing new work with musicians from different ethnic and musical backgrounds, but keeping within the framework of sampling culture.