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Born in Ukraine, bred in Baltimore, Maryland and now settled in Leitrim, Natalia Beylis' work revolves somewhere between sonic story-teller, composer and multi-instrumental musician. In her recordings and performances she layers seemingly incongruous sounds atop of each other to spawn strange juxtapositions and garbled parallels. Her fascination with how sound interacts with space and audience results in performances that often break down the traditional view of stage/performer. Beylis is the founding member of the experimental music project Woven Skull. She plays in the group Divil A' Bit and co-runs the free noise improv collective, Three Eyed Makara. She has had 32 physical releases on cd, vinyl and tape that span her work in field recordings, improvisation and sonic explorations. As a curator, Beylis runs the label Sofia Records which puts out small run recordings in individually handmade covers and she also orgainises outer-realms music, film & art events as Hunters Moon. She is currently developing a sound-performance based solely around the noises created by seashells. 

“I am hoping that a residency at the Dock will give me time and space to reflect back and organise the body of work that I have completed up until now in my life.  I have never before taken a pause to try and find commonalities and coherent threads in the work that I have done.   Having a space and time to do this will allow me to put a new focus and coherence on the direction that I should take with my practice from here.  By being based in the Dock, I am excited to have the chance to discuss my findings with Sarah Searson and Laura Mahon since I feel like their insights will be hugely valuable in helping me contextualise the work that I do and in guiding me towards new possibilities I wouldn't have found on my own.

Up until now, the majority of my work has been based in live performance and disseminated through both physical releases and presented online.  I am interested in looking at other ways of exhibiting my work and looking forward to the physical studio space to try out some ideas for pieces that could possibly work in a gallery setting.”  Natalia Beylis


Instagram: natalia_crept

Twitter: @SunkenHum

Facebook: Natalia Crep't

Sofia Records on Bandcamp

Tu-wit Tu-woo: Transmissions of collected noises made by birds real and imagined…

The Thin Air: 19 for ’19 rolls on, featuring nineteen Irish acts we’re convinced are going places in 2019. 

Click here for Natalias inteview with Sean Finnan of Dublin Digital Radio.  They will be broadcasting a 2 minute field recording from Natalia for each day of 2019.

"Home Sounds is a new series on Sunken Transmissions where I ask households to put together a radio show about the current sounds going on in and around their homes: sounds getting listened to/sounds getting made/sounds getting recorded and released from where they live......or whatever people's interpretation of Home Sounds might be."  Click here to listen to Natalia's show on DDR 'Home Sounds' 


Real Live Birds Vol. 1: Birds All Night